Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Is it time for Wenger to say Goodbye?

Arsene Wenger is the current and most successful manager of Arsenal football club. He has been at the helm of affairs,since 1996 which makes him,the oldest serving Manager in the English Premier league. Wenger known as"professeur" in football quarters is a grooming Manager, who breeds young talents and turn them to shining stars. Players like Kanu Nwankwo, Thierry Henry and current players like Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcot are product of Wenger's tutoring. Arsene Wenger is also known for his possession style and entertaining flow he brings to the game, this makes him one of the most outstanding Managers in club football. Arsene has last won the Barcalay premier league in 2004 with his famous invincible squad. For the past 8 seasons,he has been in the top 4 and that makes the club to always qualify for the group stages of the UEFA champions league. The bashing of the club in this season's UEFA by Bayern Munich,as made the fans lost faith in Wenger's abilities. Arsenal has also lost some vital matches in the premier league, the recent was on the 10th of April to Crystal Palace by 3 unreplied goals. They also lost to Westbrom and Bournemouth. With the recent developments, Wenger is not clarified with his future at the club, some of the Fans want him out, and some players feel he has outlived his stay at the club. My own opinion for Wenger, is to groom a successor that will take over from him or leave the club in a celebrated manner like Alex Ferguson and allow the Board to make their decisions. He has spent over twenty years in the club and a Legend. I believe it is wise for Wenger to bid the club goodbye and allow fresh ideas. I would be open to your Comments on whether it is time for Wenger to say Gooodbye to the club, he has nurtured and built for so many years. Thank you.


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