Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Dream Team VI And Their Adventures AT The Rio Olympics.

The Dream Team Vi is the name of the Under 23 squad of the Nigerian National Team. The Under 23 team is being managed by the tactician, Samson Siasia.
The Under23 squad won the Under23 African Cup of Nations, this automatically qualified them and South Africa to represent the team in the Olympics.

The Rio Olympics held in Brazil from August 5- 21, gave another opportunity for Samson Siasia to prove himself again,after winning Silver in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
The preparation for this year Olympics was very poor,may be it was because of the dwindling economic situation in the Country. The Sports Ministry could not do enough to support the Dream Team vi at the Olympics.

Samson Siasia's squad arrived at Rio,few hour before their opening match against Japan. Normally Countries or participants that are going for a Competition, should arrive a week or two to get familiar with the competitive environment. In the Dream Team's case it was different. The boys despite their late arrival at the venue,surmounted all obstacles and beat the Japanese 5 goals to 4 in the opener. Oghenekaro Etebo scored 4 goals in that single match. At the secound game, the Dream Team beat Sweden 2 goals to Nill, to book a place in the quarter- finals. One of the goals was scored by the Team Captain,Mikel Obi.
The third match was against the Columbian side, but they lost that match by 2 goals to Nill.

In analysing their journey to the last 8 of the competition, it was written in the Media that Team Captain,John Mikel Obi bailed the Dream Team out from Atlanta to Rio,when the Sports Ministry could not take care of their financial problems. Oghenekaro Etebo could not play the Quarter-Finals,because he was injured in the match against Columbia. The Dream Team Vi proved their dexterity into play by beating the Danish side 2 goals to Nill,this enabled them to book a place in the Semi-Finals of the Rio Olympics.
In the Semi-Finals, they lost to a balanced and compact German squad who beat them 2 goals to nill. Samson Siasia's boys lacked the skill and lost a lot of goal chances in that game.

The Dream Team Vi had another opportunity to grab a medal in the Olympics, which was the Bronze medal. They played against Honduras who were defeated by the host team by a wide margin. The game started with much pressure by both sides. Mikel Obi and the other players later contained the pressure and scored three goals against their opponents.
The Dream Team vi became careless in the defence line and they allowed the Honduras team to come back with 2 goals. The Honduras squad put a lot of pressures on the Nigerian Back line. At the end, the Dream Team became victorious,winning the Bronze medal match on 3 goals to 2.

Looking at the Dream Team vi in retrospect, they overcame all obstacles,most especially their financial challenges to win the Bronze medal. They paid the price of hard work,resilience and determination to make the Country proud. The Dream team vi are the only ones that won a medal for the Country. No other medal was gotten in the various sporting events that Nigeria was represented.
On this note,i would say Coach Samson Siasia and Team Captain,Mikel Obi deserved to be given National Honours by the Federal Government. The Dream team vi should also be rewarded monetary for their feat in the Olympics.
If a foreigner in the person of Dr Katsuya Tasaku, a Japanese Business man could reward them by doling out $ 390,000 . He stated that " he was impressed with the Dream team,that despite their poor preparation, the boys could get this far". He was touched in his generosity to reward the players.
I think our wealthy men in the Country should follow suit. The Sports Ministry must be responsible to support sports from age-grade upwards,most especially Soccer that has written our names in the annals of history.
In wrapping up, I would love to congratulate Coach Samson Saisia, Mikel Obi and the entire Dream team vi for the feat achieved at Rio.
God Bless the Dream Team vi.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Barcelona Wins 2016 Spanish Super Cup.

The Spanish Super Cup is the match played between the Winners of the La Liga Season and the Copa Del Roy. This year it was played between the Barcelona, the La Liga Leaders and Sevilla who were the runners-up to Barcelona at the Copa Del Roy.

The First leg was played on the Sevilla home ground,with the host applying pressure to the Visitors. It was a game that recorded two injuries for the La Liga leaders. Matthieu and Iniesta the Barcelona Skipper got injured in that encounter.
At the second half of the game, Ardan Turan threw a pass to Luiz Suarez who scored the opener.
The acting Skipper, Lionel Messi added a lot of pressure to the Sevilla defence, and at the 80th minutes, Menir El-haddy scored the second goal. At the end of proceedings in the first leg, Barcelona won by 2 goals to nil.

The Second leg was played in Camp Nou in Barcelona. The La Liga Winners were more purposeful and determined to add more pain to their opponents.
Lionel Messi and Suarez put a lot of pressure in the Sevilla Defence. This resulted into two goals scored by Ardan Turan. And before the game was finished, Wonder Player Lionnel Messi added the third goal.
At the end of the game,it was 3 goals for Barcelona and No goal for Sevilla.

The total goals scored at the end of the Second leg was 5 goals, which was scored by the Spanish Champions.
Barcelona is the Winner of the Spanish Super Cup for the year 2016.
This victory has prepared the La Liga Champions on a grand style for the New La Liga Season.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Can Jurgen Klopp take Liverpool Back To The Champion's League?

Jurgen Klopp is a German Football Manager who is the present manager of Liverpool Football Club. Born forty nine years ago,he was a former German professional Player. He started his playing career with Fc Pforzhein in 1987 and ended it with Mainz 05 in 2001,a club he spent eleven years with.

His managerial career can be described as follows,he managed Mainz 05 after his playing career from 2001 to 2008,during that period the club was promoted to the Bundesliga. In 2008,he moved to Borussia Dortmund. He led them back to back Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012,as well as the DFB- Pokal in 2012,the German Super Cup in 2008,2013 and 2014. During Klopp's time as Manager, Borussia Dortmund appeared in the UEFA Champion's league Final in 2013,but lost to their close rivals (Bayern Munich).

The " Normal one" has he is been called took over from Brendan Rogers on Oct 9,2015. He arrived at Anfield with a track record of managerial success and a reputation as one of the most forward thinking managers in the game of football. Klopp stated that" he believes in fighting football,not serenity football".
In his first season with the Reds, he changed the approach of Liverpool Football and added mentality with tactics on the pitch. He took the Mersey side to the Carling Cup Finals,but lost to Manchester City. He also took the Reds to the Europa Finals. On the road to the Europa Finals, Klopp defeated Manchester United and Villarreal. They eventually lost to Sevilla in the Finals.

Jurgen Klopp has started this new season on a bright note,he defeated Arsenal at the opening game in the Emirates Stadium. He has signed Sadio Mane from Southampton ,for this season's campaign. With his track record of success and a fighting Manager,he could take the Reds to the Champion's league next season. Klopp has the ability to turn things around for Liverpool Football Club. At his first season with the Reds,they played two major Finals. If he continues with this trend,he could step up their game.
Let us see how far the " Normal One" will go with Liverpool this new season.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Can David Moyes turn around the Fortunes of Sunderland Football Club?

David Moyes is a Scottish professional Football Manager and he is presently the Manager  of Sunderland Football Club.
He has previously managed Everton, Manchester United and Real Sociedad in Spain.

In 2002, David Moyes became the Manager of Everton Football Club. He took Everton to the Champions league in 2005,and in 2009,Everton were finalist at the Emirates FA Cup. He succeeded Alex Ferguson as Manager of Manchester United in 2013,but failed to improve on the tempo set by the legend. Moyes was saacked ten months after his appointment as the Coach of the Red Devils.
In 2014, he was appointed as Manager of Real Sociedad in Spain. David Moyes couldn't turn around the fortunes of the Spanish Club,but left them at the sixteenth place in the La Liga. He was sacked for poor performance.

The Former Everton and Manchester United Manager has been appointed as the Manager of the " Black Cats" on a four year deal. He has taken over from Sam Allarydce , who has left to become England's Manager.
On his appointment as Sunderland Boss,David Moyes said " I have taken over a Big British club,with a great support and I'm looking forward to working on the Premier league once again".

Moyes played his first game as Sunderland Coach against Manchester City and lost the game at the Ethad Stadium by 2goals to 1. The Black Cats played a competitive game against the " Noisy Neighbours of Manchester",but they were not as skillful and impressive as their opponents. Paddy Mcnair, a former United Defender scored an own goal against his Club.

Looking at Moyes performance as a Coach in various clubs across Europe,he has to step up his tactics and change his style of play. He has to improve his management style and give morale to his players. He has a strong team that can withstand any opponent,but as the Coach the input lies on him to utilise the skill of his squad.
Let us hope, David Moyes can change the fortunes of the Black Cats.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Now That Antonio Conte is Chelsea's New Manager.

Antonio Conte has been appointed to take over as Chelsea's Manager.He was a former Italian Coach and Juventus Manager.
Conte has signed a three year contract with the London Club. He is known as the " God Father" in football quarters. He takes over from Guus Hiddink,who left at the end of last season.

The God father has won five medals as a Coach. He won the medals with Juventus. The medals includes 3 Serie A titles and 2 Super Coppa Cups. He was formerly an Italian mid-fielder, who represented Italy in the U.S.A 94 World Cup and Euro 2000.On both occasions, he won silver medals for his Nationality.
The former Italian Coach who took the Azurris to the quarter-finals in the just concluded Euros is a tactical and disciplined Coach.

Antonio Conte has taken his role as Manager of the London Club seriously. He stated that he is determined to start a new era of success at Chelsea,after the worst season of the Roman Abramovic era. He said he is going to "fight for the title". Conte has made some tactical signings. He signed Michy Bathsuayi,formerly a Marseille's Belgian Forward for £32million. He has also signed Kante who was formerly at the Foxes( Premier league Champions).

The God Father is a training-ground Manager who has promised to transfer his ideas to the squad. He stated that he wants to reinforce his team,so that they can compete with other top clubs.

Looking at his track record with the Old Lady(Juventus Football Club) and also as an Italian Coach, the God Father has what it takes to transform the club to the heights it once achieved under the" Special One". The Premier League Season is going to be a tough one and very competitive. And one of the Managers that can turn things around is Antonio Conte.

We at Segun Goke's Soccer wish the " God Father" best of luck at Stanford Bridge.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Real Madrid Wins the UEFA Super Cup.

The UEFA Super Cup is the match played between the Champions of the UEFA Champions league and the Winners of the UEFA Europa Cup. In this case, the game was played between Sevilla the Winners of the Europa Cup and Real Madrid, the Winner of the Champions league.
The game started with a lot of tension and anxiety. The match had the flavour of the Champion's game. Sevilla had more possession as the game progressed and later Madrid  took charge of that game.
Real Madrid scored the first and the Europa Champions equalised the game.

The game took a different turn in the Second half when Sevilla made it 2 goals to 1. It was going to look as if the Europa Winners will win the game, when Sergio Ramos the Captain of the Real Madrid squad nodded the equaliser at the 93rd minutes. This took the game to extra time.
In the extra time, both teams slugged it out to emerge as the winner of the encounter. In the 28th minutes of the extra time, Real Madrid struck with a solo move by the defender and the rest is history. The game ended with 3 goals to 2 in favour of the European Champions.
Now, Real Madrid is Champions of the UEFA Super Cup.

Can Leicester City Retain the Premier League Title This New Season(2016/17).

Leicester City are the reigning Champions of the Barclay Premier league, they shocked the football community last season by winning the league.
They proved that with determination and belief,you can achieve anything you desire in life.

The New Season starts on the 13th of August,2016.To introduce the season, the community shield will first of all set the centre stage. That match was played last Sunday,unfortunately the Premier league Champions lost that game to Manchester United.Claudio Ranieri's men only won a game out of the three matches that they played in their pre-season. The Club has made some notable signings that includes Ahmed Musa, a notable winger from the Russian league.

Leicester City faces stiff Competition from the Strong Clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea,who recently changed their Managers to World Class Coaches. Then they also face notable threats from Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool who have also strengthened their squad and have good managers as well.
If the Foxes want to retain the title, they have to do some extraordinary things. They need to work very hard and add some flavour to their playing pattern. Not every thing is about strength, their players must also be skillful on the field of game. They lost the game to Manchester United on Sunday,because Mourinho's men were more skillful and organised.

In wrapping this piece up, the Premier league is getting more competitive by the day, and with the introduction of some top level Managers like Pep, Conte etc, who are successful Coaches in the world of football. Then Ranieri must work very hard and do some hard thinking,if he is going to retain the title.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Manchester United Wins The Community Shield.

Jose Mourinho has won the first Cup of the new season, which is the Community Shield. As I mentioned in my last blog post yesterday, the Community shield is the game played between last seasons Premier League Champions and Last Season FA Cup Winners. This year it was played between Leicester  City and Manchester United.

The game was played with so much tension and anxiety of the upcoming New season. Both Coaches wanted to prove a point. Leicester City was a formidable team,strong and compact. Unfortunately for them in the 30th minutes,they couldn't contain Jesse Lingard's Skill and they allowed the first goal in by the young mid fielder.
In the Second half, Ahmed Musa was brought in, and he proved his mettle on the field. He out ran  the United Defenders who were careless on the wings.
Marounni Fellaini was careless with the ball, he couldn't contain the pressure of the Nigerian and the ball from Musa,got to a goal Puncher, Vardy who netted the equaliser for the Foxes.

The game progressed with more possession from the Premier league Champions,but the FA Cup Winners were able to contain the pressure with their displays, passes and flexibility.
At the 80th minute, Zlatan who had been contained by Morgan all through the game, got an opportunity and he got a connected pass that resulted into him nodding the winning goal into the net.

This is my over view of the game, Leicester City proved that they are a formidable team, but they need to be conscious of themselves.
Manchester United showed some sign of flexibility and creativity in the game. But they need to play has a cohesive unit.
Zlatan Ibrahomovic proved to me that he is a Striker. One Chance and a Goal. Bally was a strong Rock at the Back,but he needs to watch his game,so that he won't get unnecessary cards.
For the Foxes, Maahrez stood out as an outstanding mid fielder, he was able to contain Carrick and Fellaini. Ahmed Musa was very effective in the wings and was a threat to the United's Defence. We should expect goals from Vardy and Ibrahimovic this season. They are the Strikers to watch out for.
Congratulations to United and Mourinho for winning their first trophy for the Season.
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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Who Wins The Community Shield?

The Football Association Community Shield (formerly the Charity Shield) is English foot ball's  annual match contested between the champions of the previous premier league season and the holders of the FA Cup at Wembley's Stadium. The current holders are Arsenal,who retained the shield by beating Chelsea in the 2015 match.

This  year's  Community Shield match would be played by Leicester City who are the Premier league Champions of the 2015/16 season and Manchester United who are the FA Cup winners of the 2015/16 season.

Manchester United have won the Premier league twenty times(20) in the history of the. English Premier league. They are favourites to win the community shield. Jose Mourinho was appointed last May to succeed Louis Van Gaal,who was sacked after guiding the club to win their 12th FA Cup.
Mourinho has signed  a couple of players,that includes Zlatan Ibrahomovic who is a deadly striker that is a threat to any defence.
Out of the three matches United played in their pre-season, before coming to the community shield. They won two matches and lost to Borrusia Dortmund. Jose Mourinho's side has the experience and exposure of the community shield,because they have featured in it a number of times.

Leicester City are coming to the community shield as an under-dog . The last time they played against United in the league, it was two draws with two games in the previous season.
Claudio Raineri has signed a couple of players,that includes Ahmed Musa who was formerly at CSKA Moscow . During the pre-season game against Barcelona, he scored a brace despite their loss to the Spanish Champions. The Nigerian Winger is the player to look forward to in that encounter. The Foxes are a strong side and determined team. It was those attributes that won them the league last season.

In concluding this piece, the English Premier League is full of surprises. And anything can happen in the Community Shield. It is either the league Champions who are under-dogs that can carry the day or the Red Devils who can prove once again,that they want to get back the title won last in 2013.
Time will Tell.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Can Samson Siasia lead the Dream Team VI to Olympic Victory at Rio?

Samson Siasia is the Coach of the Nigerian's under 23 team also known as the Dream team vi. He is leading the team in Brazil to Olympic victory. He was a former football striker and Super Eagles Coach.
Siasia has appointed Mikel as Captain of the Dream Team vi side. He stated that" Mikel Obi was a natural choice to lead the team as he is also the captain of the Nigerian Olympic contingent as well as the Super Eagles.

Samson Siasia was the coach of Dream Team iv, who won a silver medal for Nigeria in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, losing to the Argentina under 23 squad.
He has the onus of grabbing another Olympic glory at the Rio Olympics. The Dream team vi has started well,winning their opening match early this morning against Japan 5 goals to 4.

Samson Siasia is a tactician who believes in hard work and fitness. He has chosen a twenty three man squad who are skillful,fit and tactical to handle any opponent. John Mikel Obi is the Skipper of the squad, his experience and exposure will come to play for the. Dream team.

My advice to the team is not to lose their head over their first match victory,but they should take every game with utmost seriousness. And with diligence,hard work and Prayers. I believe they can lift the Olympic Gold at Rio.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Is Pogba worth 100 million Pounds?

Paul Pogba is a French midfielder and he plays for the Juventus football Club in Italy. He has been instrumental to the Old lady's rise to the top in Seria A for five consecutive seasons. Pogba was also a very vital force for the French National team in the just concluded Euros. His impact for the team was felt from the opener to the finals, in which they lost by a lone goal to the Portuguese National team.

Manchester United Football Club's Manager Jose Mourinho,is interested in bringing back the French man back to the club,he was once part of.
Legendary Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson sold him at 2012,feeling that" he was not good enough".
Paul Pogba has now become a talented player and a sought after by major Big Clubs like Real Madrid,
 Manchester City as well as Manchester United.

The issue now arising in the sports media,is that United is ready to spend 100million pounds to bring back Paul Pogba to his boyhood club.
With all indications, it is likely that Juventus would let go of their "star player",because the price they are being offered is mouth-watering.
We have till August 31 when the transfer window will close,to see if Paul Pogba comes back to Old trafford.

Jose Mourinho the United's Boss has insisted that he would bring in a midfielder with a class in addition to his already three new signings to challenge for the title.
And back to the question, I asked if Paul Pogba is eventually signed at Old trafford with a record fee of 100 million pounds,he would surpass Gareth Bale's 85 million Euros and will be the most expensive record signing this new season.

Is Paul Pogba worth an 100 million Pounds?
Paul Scholes,a former United Player has stated that" Pogba is a raw talent and there is no doubt about that. But he needs to score about 50 goals,to justify the money he is been offered. According to Scholes,he is not in the class of Ronaldo, Messi or Bale."
A former Arsenal and French Player, Emmanuel Petit who won the France 98 World Cup and Euro 2000 said of Pogba " He has a great future,but it is too early. I don't like the situation around him all the time. We are making him out to be a big star,but he is not a big star for me".

My own argument is this, if Pogba is eventually signed by Manchester United. That means he would be earning 300,000 Pounds per week, he has to justify that signing by becoming effective and scoring goals. He must also win the league.
If he can't do all this,then that 100 million pounds is a waste of resources.
I am also open to comments on what you think of Paul Pogba and 100 million pounds.
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