Thursday, 11 August 2016

Can Leicester City Retain the Premier League Title This New Season(2016/17).

Leicester City are the reigning Champions of the Barclay Premier league, they shocked the football community last season by winning the league.
They proved that with determination and belief,you can achieve anything you desire in life.

The New Season starts on the 13th of August,2016.To introduce the season, the community shield will first of all set the centre stage. That match was played last Sunday,unfortunately the Premier league Champions lost that game to Manchester United.Claudio Ranieri's men only won a game out of the three matches that they played in their pre-season. The Club has made some notable signings that includes Ahmed Musa, a notable winger from the Russian league.

Leicester City faces stiff Competition from the Strong Clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea,who recently changed their Managers to World Class Coaches. Then they also face notable threats from Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool who have also strengthened their squad and have good managers as well.
If the Foxes want to retain the title, they have to do some extraordinary things. They need to work very hard and add some flavour to their playing pattern. Not every thing is about strength, their players must also be skillful on the field of game. They lost the game to Manchester United on Sunday,because Mourinho's men were more skillful and organised.

In wrapping this piece up, the Premier league is getting more competitive by the day, and with the introduction of some top level Managers like Pep, Conte etc, who are successful Coaches in the world of football. Then Ranieri must work very hard and do some hard thinking,if he is going to retain the title.

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  1. Can the Foxes Retain the Title? Time Will Tell.

  2. Can the Foxes Retain the Title? Time Will Tell.