Thursday, 4 August 2016

Is Pogba worth 100 million Pounds?

Paul Pogba is a French midfielder and he plays for the Juventus football Club in Italy. He has been instrumental to the Old lady's rise to the top in Seria A for five consecutive seasons. Pogba was also a very vital force for the French National team in the just concluded Euros. His impact for the team was felt from the opener to the finals, in which they lost by a lone goal to the Portuguese National team.

Manchester United Football Club's Manager Jose Mourinho,is interested in bringing back the French man back to the club,he was once part of.
Legendary Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson sold him at 2012,feeling that" he was not good enough".
Paul Pogba has now become a talented player and a sought after by major Big Clubs like Real Madrid,
 Manchester City as well as Manchester United.

The issue now arising in the sports media,is that United is ready to spend 100million pounds to bring back Paul Pogba to his boyhood club.
With all indications, it is likely that Juventus would let go of their "star player",because the price they are being offered is mouth-watering.
We have till August 31 when the transfer window will close,to see if Paul Pogba comes back to Old trafford.

Jose Mourinho the United's Boss has insisted that he would bring in a midfielder with a class in addition to his already three new signings to challenge for the title.
And back to the question, I asked if Paul Pogba is eventually signed at Old trafford with a record fee of 100 million pounds,he would surpass Gareth Bale's 85 million Euros and will be the most expensive record signing this new season.

Is Paul Pogba worth an 100 million Pounds?
Paul Scholes,a former United Player has stated that" Pogba is a raw talent and there is no doubt about that. But he needs to score about 50 goals,to justify the money he is been offered. According to Scholes,he is not in the class of Ronaldo, Messi or Bale."
A former Arsenal and French Player, Emmanuel Petit who won the France 98 World Cup and Euro 2000 said of Pogba " He has a great future,but it is too early. I don't like the situation around him all the time. We are making him out to be a big star,but he is not a big star for me".

My own argument is this, if Pogba is eventually signed by Manchester United. That means he would be earning 300,000 Pounds per week, he has to justify that signing by becoming effective and scoring goals. He must also win the league.
If he can't do all this,then that 100 million pounds is a waste of resources.
I am also open to comments on what you think of Paul Pogba and 100 million pounds.
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  1. While the transfer fee is on the high side, we cannot rule out the fact that he has proved himself on the big stage and has performed well both for club and country. His gamble is more reasonable compared to the one we took on Martial, which paid off