Sunday, 31 July 2016

Now That Jose Mourinho is Manager Of Manchester United Football Club.

It is no longer news that Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the Manager of Manchester United Football club. He takes over from Louis Van Gaal, who was asked to leave the stage after the club's victory at the FA Cup Finals.

Mourinho, born 53 years ago has coached at the top level of European Football,winning league titles in Spain, England, Portugal and Italy. Jose Mourinho has
won the UEFA Champions league twice with FC Porto in 2004 and with Inter Milan in 2010.
He is regarded by a number of players,coaches and commentators as one of the greatest and most successful manager in the world of football.

Jose Mourinho is highly renowned for his tactical prowess,game management and adaptability to different situations. He normally plays with three or more central mid fielders,because it is his belief that the midfield wins the game for the team.

Critics of Jose Mourinho's style of tactics has asserted that he does not play entertaining football. He believes that his team is superior to other teams.
Mourinho's style of management dictates that he operates on the edge,and he has found it impossible to rescue a situation that has spiralled out of control. This led to his Sack at Stanford Bridge on his second

Now that Jose Mourinho is the Manager of Manchester United Football Club,a club that he has always desired to manage. It is expected that Jose learns from his tactical errors and implement a good strategy that will help him to succeed at Old Trafford.
Mourinho has stated that in his first Press Conference as Manager of Manchester United that" he wants to win the Premier league in his first season at Old Trafford".
Time will tell,if he can deliver on his words.



  1. Jose hope u can achieve great feats at Old Trafford.

  2. Jose hope u can achieve great feats at Old Trafford.

  3. Jose hope u can achieve great feats at Old Trafford.

  4. I believe he will do well in his first season. Even if we don't win any trophy this season, finishing in the automatic UCL places will be an achievement IMO