Friday, 8 July 2016

Who Will Win Euro 2016?

The two teams that would play the Euro 2016 Finals have already been known,following the outcomes of the semi-finals that took place the last two days. Yesterday,France defeated Germany 2 goals to nill and on wednesday,Portugal defeated Wales by 2 goals to nill.
At the beginning of this competition,i tipped six teams as favourites for the Cup. They are as follows: France the host,Spain the defending Champions,Italy,Germany,England and lastly Portugal.
England surprised me,despite the calibre of squad they possessed,a tiny Country Iceland defeated them in the second round.England has got a bad run in football competitions for a very long time.They need to go back to the drawing board. England has the best league in the world,their technical department has a lot to do to proffer solutions to their poor display. Italy gave a good account of themselves,but lost to a more balanced team,Germany in the quarter finals.
Spain has not been able to bounce back after their poor outing in the 2014 World Cup,tiki taka adopted by the Barcelona team is no more effective,Spain never learnt and they were bundled out by Italy in the group of 16.
Germany, one would have thought they will be playing in the Finals,but their display in the Semis against the host,was disgusting. They had more ball possession,but poor finishing .It was unlike the German Machines that marshalled their way into the last 4,but lost to France due to bad display.
I want to talk about a suprise team in this competition,Wales. I never gave them that chance that they would go this far,but they proved doubting Thomas wrong and they would be playing the third-place with the German Machines. Despite the attraction of their star player,Gareth Bale. He did little to take his team to the last four.
Iceland is also another Country that surprised the football community,one never expected them to get even to the last 8,but they did. England was defeated by this small Nation in the group of 16. The future is bright for these two teams( Wales and Iceland).
I will conclude this write up by focusing on the two Finalists for this year Euros( France and Portugal)
France has done remarkably well as the host,they have a compact team and a balanced bench. To crown it up,they are the host. History favours them,they hosted the world cup in 98 and won it, Can they do it again at Euro 2016?
Portugal is a football Nation with great History,they hosted the Euros in 2004 and lost to Greece in the Final. They are in another Final against the Host( France), will history also repeat itself again.
They parade a balanced squad and the Captain of the team,Christiano Ronaldo is one of the 2 best players in World football. He has been instrumental to his Country's road to the Final. Will he repeat that feat,he made against Wales in the Final?
Time will tell,and by Sunday the 10th of July the 2 teams will slug it out and one of them will be crowned Champions.
Is it France or Portugal?
Thank you for Reading.
God bless you all. Amen.

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