Monday, 11 July 2016

Portugal Wins Its First International Competition

Portugal has just won it's first international trophy in World Football. The last time the Portuguese side were close to winning a trophy was in Euro 2004,a competition which they hosted,but lost to Greece on home soil.
The newly crowned European champions were not a very good side in this competition,but they were a determined side who gave their total all to the game.
In the group stage,they narrowly lost out and luckily qualified to the group of 16. It was in that group, they defeated Croatia,advanced to the quarter finals defeated Poland through penalty shootout. They advanced to the Semis and defeated Wales by 2 goals to nill.
If the truth,must be told the French team,has been the toughest opponent of the Portuguese side in Euro 2016. History favoured the French squad as the host,and also a very balanced team. But the unpredictable Portuguese side showed resilience,even after their talisman, Christiano Ronaldo was taken out of the field,due to injury he sustained on the pitch. Despite the skillful tactics of the French team and pressure,the Portuguese squad took the game to extra minutes. It was in the extra minutes,that  substitute striker Edger struck and the rest is history.
Christiano Ronaldo has won his first international trophy for Portugal,after winning a lot of medals and trophies in club football. His club, Real Madrid just recently won the Champions league and this is another trophy added to the Player's curriculum vitae. Ronaldo has attained the status of a legend in World Football.
In rounding up  this analysis,i have now also learnt that winning a football competition is not just by skill and compact squad,but by passion and determination and that was what Christiano Ronaldo and his Portuguese side had.
Congratulations to the Portuguese side on their first International trophy.

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