Saturday, 20 August 2016

Barcelona Wins 2016 Spanish Super Cup.

The Spanish Super Cup is the match played between the Winners of the La Liga Season and the Copa Del Roy. This year it was played between the Barcelona, the La Liga Leaders and Sevilla who were the runners-up to Barcelona at the Copa Del Roy.

The First leg was played on the Sevilla home ground,with the host applying pressure to the Visitors. It was a game that recorded two injuries for the La Liga leaders. Matthieu and Iniesta the Barcelona Skipper got injured in that encounter.
At the second half of the game, Ardan Turan threw a pass to Luiz Suarez who scored the opener.
The acting Skipper, Lionel Messi added a lot of pressure to the Sevilla defence, and at the 80th minutes, Menir El-haddy scored the second goal. At the end of proceedings in the first leg, Barcelona won by 2 goals to nil.

The Second leg was played in Camp Nou in Barcelona. The La Liga Winners were more purposeful and determined to add more pain to their opponents.
Lionel Messi and Suarez put a lot of pressure in the Sevilla Defence. This resulted into two goals scored by Ardan Turan. And before the game was finished, Wonder Player Lionnel Messi added the third goal.
At the end of the game,it was 3 goals for Barcelona and No goal for Sevilla.

The total goals scored at the end of the Second leg was 5 goals, which was scored by the Spanish Champions.
Barcelona is the Winner of the Spanish Super Cup for the year 2016.
This victory has prepared the La Liga Champions on a grand style for the New La Liga Season.

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