Saturday, 10 August 2019

VAR: What is its impact on Football Games

VAR means Video Assistance Referee. It is a new technology that is meant to check some aspects in football. A) Goals- Var is used to check if a goal falls in an upside position or the position of a player in scoring a goal. For instance in the concluded Women's world cup, Helen White's goal was disqualified for upside position. A goal, she scored against Sweden in the third place match. It was cancelled. Car stated that she was ahead of the other player in the box 18. Another example, is the goal Raheem Sterling scored against West ham in the new premier League season. It was cancelled. VAR dissalowed it, that he was ahead of the opponent in the box. B) Penalty- Var is also used to check if a penalty given by the referee is justified. In the concluded African Cup of Nations, the match Nigeria played against Algeria. Var checked the foul against Ighalo in the box 18,and the penalty was given.Also Var can be used to check, if the keeper maintain his position in the box, when a penalty is taken. If the keeper brings out his leg, before the penalty was taken, the penalty would be retaken. This happened in the match Man City Syed against West ham, when Sergio Aguerro's penalty was stopped by the West ham goalie. The referee ruled, that the keeper stepped out, before the penalty was taken. He also checked Var and the penalty was retaken. This also happened in the concluded Women's world cup, the match France played against Nigeria in the second round. The referee ruled that the Nigerian goalie came out, before the kick was taken, and another spot kick was taken again. C)Red Cards- Var is also used to check if a player is justified for a red card. In the concluded Female world cup in France this year, England's central defender was given a red card against her attack on the Swedish attacker. The referee checked Var if the red card was justified, before the defender was booked. Impacts of VAR Var as a technology innovative approach is meant to check the irregularities in the field of play, which the referee is not sure of.Some of the actions could be right or wrong, but the Var has the final decision. Var is a good innovation to modern football, but the application can still be misunderstood, and can impact the game negatively, if not applied well.

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